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Welcome to the website of Drawing the Light - Photography, I am Peter the main photographer for Drawing the Light - Photography we are based in London, England but travel regularly. I have taken photos for as long as I can remember it is my passion I love doing it, I have the best of both worlds I love my job and my job is my passion which as a Photographer I believe is highly important. My main specialities of photography are Events, and Weddings mainly but I do most types of photography check out the website  to see more of them, if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch as we may still be able to help you with your need. So get in touch with us and let's see what we can do for you and get you the best.


Some of the events I have done:

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Autumn/Winter 2016 : Catwalk Show

AFW: Behind the Scenes. - September 9th day one.

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Sky Spring/Summer 17: Catwalk show - September 16th.

Africa in the square - 2016.

National Asian Wedding Show 2017. 

Music promo shots: Backward Houses.

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Autumn/Winter 17: Catwalk show - February 17th.

Modest London Fashion Week 17 February 19th 

African Fashion Week 17 Catwalk Show - August 12th

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Spring/Summer 18: Catwalk show - September 16th

Evil Lies Premier private screening - Warner Bros. 

LFW - Kolchagov Berba 18: Catwalk show - February 16th

London Anime Con 2018 - February 17th

National Asian Wedding Show 2018 - February 18th

African Fashion Week 2018 - 9&10th August

London Fashion Week 2019 Kolchagov Berba - Spring/Summer 19: Catwalk show - September 16th

E4 Fashion Show 22nd September 2019

African Fashion Week 2019 - 9&10th August

British Beauty Curve 2019 - 24th August

Miss International Curve 2019 - 26th October

Indian Fashion Week 2019 - 16th & 17th November 

National Asian Wedding Show 2019 - 16th & 17th November

LFW - Chanel Joan Elkayam 2020 - 13th February  

Anime Con London 2020 - 15th February

LFW - Kolchagov Berba 2020 - 16th February

Drawing the Light - Photography 
Number: 020 8638 8770
Location: Greater London, United Kingdom 
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Get the memories to last in images

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