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Welcome to our website I am Peter the photographer for Drawing the Light - Photography "Get the memories, to last in images" we believe every moment should be captured to last forever as a cherished memory made real. We are a photography business based in Enfield, North London, United Kingdom our services Weddings & Events, Portraits, and much more.


Some of the events I have done:

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Autumn/Winter 2016 : Catwalk Show

AFW: Behind the Scenes. - September 9th day one.

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Sky Spring/Summer 17: Catwalk show - September 16th.

Africa in the square - 2016.

National Asian Wedding Show 2017. 

Music promo shots: Backward Houses.

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Autumn/Winter 17: Catwalk show - February 17th.

Modest London Fashion Week 17 February 19th 

African Fashion Week 17 Catwalk Show - August 12th

LFW - Kolchagov Berba Spring/Summer 18: Catwalk show - September 16th

Evil Lies Premier private screening - Warner Bros. 

LFW - Kolchagov Berba 18: Catwalk show - February 16th

London Anime Con 2018 - February 17th

National Asian Wedding Show 2018 - February 18th

African Fashion Week 2018 - 9&10th August

London Fashion Week 2019 Kolchagov Berba - Spring/Summer 19: Catwalk show - September 16th

E4 Fashion Show 22nd September 2019

African Fashion Week 2019 - 9&10th August

British Beauty Curve 2019 - 24th August

Miss International Curve 2019 - 26th October

Indian Fashion Week 2019 - 16th & 17th November 

National Asian Wedding Show 2019 - 16th & 17th November

Official Promo Photos for the Premier of The Host - Film - 6th Jan

LFW - Chanel Joan Elkayam 2020 - 13th February  

Anime Con London 2020 - 15th February

LFW - Kolchagov Berba 2020 - 16th February

London Anime Con 2021 - 31st July

Drawing the Light - Photography 
Number: 020 8638 8770
Location: Greater London, United Kingdom 
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Get the memories to last in images